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Chapter 6

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I pulled away from him VERY quickly… a little too quick actually. /: I was just caught off guard.

We just looked at eachother for maybe half a second straight in the eyes and then he apologized to me.

“Oh, ‘Liyah, I’m SOO sorry!!” I gave him a confused face, because I didn’t understand what he was apologizing for.

“Sorry, maybe that was too so-“ I cut him off before he could finish saying ‘soon’ by kissing him.

I could tell he was smiling. I love that (=

But next thing I knew we were making out.

He got ontop of me and he stopped kissing me

In my ear he whispered “spend the night with me and get popular baby” in his little singing voice. I smiled, just at that fact of him quoting his own song. But I jokefully pushed him off me and said, “now that is a little too soon” I said with a huge smile on my face. I got off the bed and started walking out the hotel room. I turned my head towards him while walking away and said “see you tomorrow”

“I’ll call you tonight!” I heard him yell as I was closing the door.

I don’t think the smile on my face left at all the entire rest of the night.

I just went on a DATE with LIL TWIST, the boy I have been in LOVE with for YEARS.

I kept saying that in my head over and over again.

I just couldn’t even believe that it was true.


I woke up the next morning, thinking about twist and I’s conversation on the phone last night

Twist—I want to keep seeing you

MeI want to keep seeing you too!

Twistits gonna be hard, with me being on tour right now. And after when I go back home to Miami…

Mewell, how often would I be able to see you?

Twistmaybe once or twice a week once tour is over. But I don’t know if I’ll be able to see you again after this break until august…

Meyeah its definitely going to be hard, but I really want it to work so we can atleast try………….

I sighed and got out of bed. I grabbed my phone to see 2 texts.

1 from twist… “Goodmorning baby :) call me when you wake up so we can make plans for today”

And 1 from my mom… “Going to Aunt Shanell’s. Should be there most of the day”

I put my phone in the pocket in my sweatpants, threw my hair up into a messy bun and walked down the steps. After I made myself breakfast I called twist and he’s just going to come over for the day. I was really exhausted and didn’t feel like doing anything.

I didn’t even change out of my pajamas, put on makeup, or fix my hair. All I did was brushed my teeth.

When twist got there, he lied and said I looked beautiful. He tried telling me he wasn’t lying, but I know he was. How could I look beautiful dressed the way I was? o____o

But, we just hung out the entire day again. Made out a few times, cuddled a bunch… a few serious conversations about family and our relationship, and a bunch of random conversations that I don’t even know why we talked about them.

My mom came home around  dinner time and we all ate dinner together and her and twist got to know eachother better. A little bit after dinner he went home, I had school in the morning and he needed to make his way to his hometown, dallas tx, in the morning.

I had my arms around his neck and he had his arms around my waist as we were talking right before he left

“when can I see you next”

“well, I have dallas tomorrow, then Houston, then new Orleans… then a  2 day break. Ima try my best to make it here the night after the new Orleans show, so we have 1 whole day together but I’m not sure if that’s definitely gonna work…”

I sighed “okay well, will you call me everyday?”

“5 times a day!! Gosh ima miss you like shit. We’ve only spent 2 days together but they were the best 2 days ive had in awhile”

I smiled and sighed again at the same time.

“I know, but good luck at your shows. I know you finna kill each one. No flirting with the cute fans… and all that.”

He laughed. “I’ll text you in a little bit” he gave me a long, passionate kiss.

“Bye, chris” I said as he walked out the door

“Oh, calling me chris now?”

I chuckled “yes, aren’t I supposed to call my boyfriend by his name?”

He put a huge smile on his face as soon as I said the word boyfriend.

“bye Aaliyah.” And he walked out my front door )=

Chapter 5

The next few days were a drag. I was just waiting until the weekend so twist could come visit me. We’ve been texting everyday and we talked on the phone like 2 more times. But it was finally Saturday and he showed up at my house. My mom answered the door and she called me down.

“What is he doing here!!!!!”  she whispered to me

“he wanted to come over” I responded with a shrug.

I grabbed his hand and took him upstairs to my room.

“No hug?”

I smiled and gave him a big hug

“So, why didn’t you tell your mom I was coming over?” he asked me.

“I don’t know… I didn’t know I had to..”

“well, did you even tell her about the concert?”

“I told her about the concert and how we’ve been talking I just forgot to tell her you were coming… she doesn’t care though. She’s cool. And she’s a fan of you”

He smiled/ laughed.

“okay well, what do you want to do today?” I asked him

“Ya know…. I never been to Disneyland”

“Forreal? Oh my gosh, we have to go there then! And its only a few minutes from here”

He smiled, then I got nervous after he said “So, our first date huh?” I could tell that my face got BRIGHT ASS red too. And  that never happens to me.

I just smiled and calmly said “yeah, I guess so.” I was calm on the outside, but most definitely NOT the inside!

So we went downstairs, told my mom we were leaving, got money from her, and we went out my house. Of course he drove his brand new jeep to my house as his car. I was totally expecting that. But anyways when we was in the car, the B E S T thing happened. I turned to my normal radio station I listened to and Lil Twist ft. Busta Rhymes- Turnt Up played!

“OH MY GOD!” I gasped. And I completely forgot I was in the car with him -___-

He smiled

I looked at him and I shrunk down in my seat.

“sorry. I just…… well… this is my first time hearing you on the radio and I’m just happy!”

He smiled that perfect smile again.

Then twist asked me to tell me more about my self, so for the rest of the car ride I let him know everything about me.

Then when we were at Disneyland we had SO much fun. The best thing about talking and hanging out with him is that everything is so natural. Were always laughing, and there is never any of those “awkward moments” when no one has anything to say. We rode almost every ride. And when we were stuck at the top of the Ferris wheel I was so tempted to kiss him. But I knew I couldn’t. i’m a little bit upset with the position our relationship is in. because its like were bestfriends. And that is the WORST thing to be with someone when youre in love with them as much as I am in love with him…

But, I way rather be bestfriends with him instead of the fan that he doesn’t remember after he gets back on the tour bus or something.

After we left the park we went out to dinner.

He asked me what I wanted and I said I was just in the mood for chipotle.

He told me that his favorite thing about me is that im simple.

Im not sure if that’s a good thing, but he said he liked that about me so I guess it is…

Then we went back to his hotel and he went to go check in with the girls (team twist) on twitter while I went and laid down in his bed and turned on the tv. After like 10 minutes he went and laid next to me. Well, sorta, he kinda sat up rather then laid down. But whatever. I could tell he was looking at me so I looked up at him.

“I had more fun today then I have in a while”

I smiled “oh…. it was iight…..” I joke.

He read the sarcasm in my voice and smiled back.

Then before I could even tell what was going on, his soft but strong lips were pressed against mine.

Chapter 4

Devonte’s mom picked us up from the concert and when I get home I realized my mom had waited up for me.

“So, Aaliyah, how was the concert?”

Me and my mom have the best relationship so I told her everything.

“Oh goodness, isn’t he a little old for you? Your 15.. he’s 18…”

“That’s not too old! Age is nothin put a number!”

“Well, jail aint nothin but a room then!”


“Stop. And, you and dad are like 7 years apart so you aint got to room to talk!”

She laughed. “Goodnight Aaliyah” and she went up to bed.

I went into the kitchen, got a soda, 2 amps (energy drinks) and some chips and went up to my room.

I sighed. “5:00 please hurry up!” I said quietly to myself.

I look at the clock, and its 2am. I’m getting VERY bored and VERY tired. So, I turn the sound on my phone all the way up and set an alarm for 4:55am. Then I try to fall asleep… but it doesn’t really work. I laid there until 3:17 then I opened my laptop back up and turned my tv back on. I guess I’m too excited!

The next 2 hours felt like 2 years. But it finally hit 5:00 and I was about to dial Twist’s number. Then I realized that it would look bad if I called at exactly 5, so I waited until 5:11. LONGEST 11 MINUTES OF MY LIFE! It rang twice.

“Hello?” and it wasn’t twist’s voice.

I sighed into the phone. “Hi Xavier” (Xavier = Lil Za real name)

“Dang girl, how you know”

I laughed “Nigga I know yalls voices!”

“Hi Aaliyah” I heard in the background…. That’s awkward. Im on speaker.

“Hey Khalil”

“DAMN!” Za said

“You do know our voices”

“Yeah, I do… Twist”

He laughed his sexy laugh

“What you doin boo”

The 4 us talked until like 9:30. Khalil fell asleep at 8, Twist at like 9:10 and then Za chose to go to sleep at 9:30.

That was the best phone call of my life. And it was cool because I didn’t act shy or anything like I thought I would. I was just being myself and we just talked like we have been bestfriends all our lives. I mean, of course Za and twist have and Khalil has for a couple of years now but I just met them a few hours ago and I felt as if I completed their puzzle :)

I have now been awake for 24 hours, and I am tired AS FUCK. But I just still cant fall asleep. I know that Devonte is up by now, he always wakes up early so I decided to call him.

“Hello?” Devonte answered with a yawn

“Oh, shit, sorry did I wake you?”

“No,” he laughed

“I’m just tired”

“Oh okay,”

“so, how was your little phone call?”

“Oh my gosh it was perfect!”

“Did yall flirt the whole time? Did you have phone sex? Do yall go out now?”

“Devonte shut the fuck up. No, no, and no.” I joked.

“We just talked. Me, him, za, and Khalil. No flirting. Just, talking. And laughing. It was real fun. But, he did say he’s gonna fly out here after his next 2 concerts because he has a 4 days break!!”

He laughed. “aww well I’m happy for you! But, have you gotten any sleep yet?”

“No… I cant fall asleep!”

“Nigga, go to bed!”

I laughed “whatever I’ll try!”

And I hung up.

Chapter 3

After intermission we went back to our seats and Diggy preformed, then twist, (which was the BEST one of the night) and then Tyga. Once it was all over I got nervous.



“I’m nervous!!”

“Don’t be. There just people”

“I know but…”

“Common!” he said as he took my hand and pretty much dragged me out of the arena. I was walking as slow as I possibly could to get to the room. What if when I walked in twist was already there?!

We got there and like I said… twist was already there. He was in the middle of talking to some fan and then of course, the door slammed and EVERYONE looked at me. Most people rolled their eyes but twist smiled :)

Twist watched me and Devonte walk towards his line and smiled he again.

“Did you see him smile at me?!” I said to Devonte as quite as I possibly could.

“Maybe he was smiling at me?” he joked. I stared at him.

“What? I’m pretty cute if I say so myself.”

“You’re not funny!”

He laughed.

I looked at Devonte, “is my hair okay and everything?” I asked


“and my makeup isn’t messed up or anything?!”

“No Kaliyah, you look beautiful as always. Stop worrying.”

I smiled. Devonte is so sweet. But most of the time I think he gives me compliments just to shut me up…

Next thing I know were up next to meet him. I suddenly go from shaking all over the place… to being totally calm. I’m not quite sure why, but everything just felt normal. Like this was just a regular day with a regular person.

And then it was our turn. Devonte said good luck in my ear and then turned around.

“Where are you going?”

“Just to sit over here… I have no reason to meet him”

I turned around and walked up to him.

“Hey baby” he says to me. And I smile the world’s biggest smile.


He smiles, “I saw you earlier”

“…you did? Where?”

“in the crowd, you was singing all the words and everything!”

I laughed. “fuck yeah, I was hype! You did so good!”

“Aww thanks love”

“You’re welcome! Umm, can I get a picture?”


Twist then put his arm around my shoulder and I put my arm around his waist and Devonte took a picture, and sat back down… for some reason he looked really upset but I just kinda ignored it… /:

“So, anyways, I feel like I seen you before?” Twist said to me.

“Umm… well I never met you before now”

“yeah I know, I woulda remember that…” I smiled..

“do you have a twitter?” he continued

“Yeah! It’s ______”

“yeaaah, that’s where I seen you at… yo name…. Kaliyah?”


I smiled again. He noticed me off twitter!!

We talked a little bit more and then Khalil came out.

“Khalil!!” I said and gave him a hug.

All 3 of us talked and then Cee Cee came out this time.

“Heyy! Seeing you again!!”

“hi cee cee!”

“Yall know eachother…?” Twist asked.

“Noo, I just met her outside a little bit earlier!” Cee cee said.

“But anyways, its 12:30 yall, we have to go!” she continued

“Alright hold up. Yall go lemme just say bye to Kaliyah!”

“iight,” Khalil said and him and cee cee walked out.

Then it was just me, twist, Devonte and some security guard in the room.

“alright well, ill see you sometime” twist says and tries to give me a hug but I don’t let him.

“hold up,”


“umm… I might look dumb as fuck asking thing but uhh… could I get your number?”

He laughed. I shouldn’t of asked that………………………………

“Ya know, I have met so many fans before and none of them have ever asked me that”

“forreal? Damn. I always been sayin that when I meet you I was gonna ask…”

He laughed again.

“its, 207…”

“oh wait!” I pulled out my phone and went to create a contact.

“okay, 207…?” I said.

“its 207.345.8024.” (I just made that up yall, don’t be callin that number or nothing! LMFAO)

I was smiling hella big again.

“Thank you!”

“You’re welcome! But you BETTER not give that out to no one. & forreal I mean no one.”

“I promise! But.. if I call or text you will you answer?” I said while half-way laughing…

“ummm, yeaah. If you wanna call me tonight you’ll have to wait until like 4:30-5am…”

“okay… I probably won’t be able to sleep tonight anyways…”

He laughed. Shit I love his laugh.

“okay, call me then!!”

“I will.”

He smiled and gave me a hug

“bye boo” he said


And he walked out the door.

Chapter 2

When we pulled up at the house of blues, there were only maybe 5 people standing in line.

“Oh my gosh! Perfect!” I say looking out the window. Devonte rolls his eyes and sighs. My mom pulls off to where the other people are standing and lets us out.

“Bye guys! Have fun, but be careful!” she says out the window. Me and Devonte go and stand next to the people. One of the girls says hi!

“Hey,” Devonte responds.

“are you guys here for the concert?!”

“yup!! I’m so excited!” I reply.

“I know me too!! I’ve been standing out here for 2 hours already…”

“Damnnn! Why so early?!” Devonte says to her.

“Because!! I don’t have an actual seat. I’m just trying to meet Jawan and Trevante!!!”

“Oh… so you’re not actually watching the concert?” I asked.


“Aww… well I hope you get to meet them!!”

“Aw thanks! Me too! Well.. ill talk to yall later!”

Then she turns around to her group and I turn to Devonte, and notice he’s already sitting on the ground, so I join him… I’m definitely not standing for 9 hours…

“okay, so I want to explain my plan to you”

“Oh god..” he mumbled..


“nothing… what is your plan love”

“Okay well.. I’m not fans of Jawan and Trevante if I don’t meet them I won’t give a fuck. But, if they’re standing right in front of us were obviously going to meet them… Act like big fans & take a picture and shit. Then there’s Diggy and mindless behavior. I definitely want to meet them and it would be amazing if I could but they are still not our top priority. I have to meet tyga. End of story. And if I don’t meet twist…… you already know”

 “forreal doe” I replied to his laugh.

“okay, I got it. But we have vip… so don’t we get to meet all of them?”

“yeah… but I think there will be a lot of people in there and I don’t think there will be enough time.”

“oh… okay.”

So, its now 5:00 and now there are so many people in line behind us. A security guard comes around and asks if anyone has any sort of vip package, which me and Devonte do so we show him our passes and go with him. After they collected all the people we walked a little bit around the building and into this door that read employees only. I started getting nervous again. What is twist was standing inside that door.

Then we walk inside, and he wasn’t…

The man took us to where we would be seating and said sound check would start in a few minutes. But the only mindless behavior did sound check so it wasn’t that big a deal. After that there was a lady, who was apparently Jawan’s mom, but I wouldn’t know. And she took us into a room and she said to organize ourselves into lines. 1 line to meet Jawan.. 1 for Trevante and so on. So we organized ourselves into 6 lines. I noticed almost half the people went into mindless behaviors line. But me and Devonte of course went into twists line. There were 4 other girls also in our line. I got in the very back, because I didn’t want to feel rushed while I was with him.

We waited, and waited and waited. Then finally around 6:30 Jawan came into the room. He met all the people in his line and then I called him over to me.

“Umm… I know I wasn’t in your line but can I get a picture with you?” I asked him.

“Uhh… yeah sure!” and then Devonte took a picture.

About 5 minutes later Trevante came in. once again, I got him to take a picture with me.

All the people in Jawan and Trevante’s lines left…

But the rest of us were still waiting and waiting. then it was 7:00. The concert was supposed to start now.

Then it was 7:15. And I can hear Jawan on stage.

It was then 7:30 and we were still waiting.

Then at 8:16 I thought my world was over.

Another lady walked in, no idea who she was but what she said devastated me.

“Now… I’m very sorry but I’m going to give everybody a ticket.. that you cannot lose!! At the end of the show go up to the box office and give them the ticket. They will give you back the $500 you paid for the vip… but not the 75$ that you paid for admission for the show. I’m very sorry but there is a small chance you will be meeting these boys tonight. But, come back during intermission because there is still a small, and hear me on this when I say small, chance to meet them. I am very sorry, and enjoy the show”

“WOW!!!!” Devonte said.. he sounded mad.

I on the other hand couldn’t even say anything. My face was just :O the entire time as me and Devonte walked to the arena and to our seats. I just tried to forget about it, because in an hour or so Lil Twist & Tyga would only be a few feet away from me.

When we got to our seats Trevante was performing. Which I didn’t really care about so I was talking to Devonte.. well more like screaming but whatever.

“I cant believe this!!” I said to him.

“Don’t worry about it. There is still a chance!”

“Did you hear what she said?! She said SMALL chance!!!”

“That still A chance tho!! Just pretend as if you are definitely meeting them, just not until after!!”

I sighed. And realized Devonte was right. He really is the best. I give him a hug.


Right after mindless behavior got off stage we went to the room were at before, since the lady told us to come back. We were in there for maybe 5 minutes before she finally came in. and I swear they were the LONGEST 5 minutes ever.

“Good news guys!! You will be able to meet the boys after the show :)”

Dkjsaingieniwaj THANK YOU GOD!!!

“Tyga will perform last,” she continued.

“And right after his performance come back here and line up in the lines like you were in earlier. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Also, on your way out put the ticket I gave you back in the little jar next to the door since you no longer need a refund. Enjoy the rest of the night and show”

I didn’t even know what to do so I ran up to her and gave her a HUGE hug. “THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!” she laughed and hugged me back. “Your very welcome sweetie”

As me and Devonte walked out the room, I saw Cee Cee! (Lil Twist’s assistant)

“Cee Cee!! I yelled across the ‘hallway’.”

She turned over and looked at me, and I walked towards her. “hi!!”


“Can I get a picture with you?”

“Of course!!”

“Are you #teamtwist?” she asked me.

“HELL yes!”

She laughed, “can I take a video of you for Twist’s album?”

“Umm… yes!! What am I supposed to do it in?”

“whatever you want!”

“okay!!” I said, and she turns her camera towards me

“Don’t get it twisted album coming soon! Team twist!! Love you lil twist!!” was all I could think to say. I guess because I was just nervous but whatever it didn’t matter!!

Cee cee and Devonte laughed. And I sighed. “sorry I guess I’m just nervous!!”

“its totally fine. But I have to go find Cortez! it was great meeting you!!”

“you too ! & thank you!”

And she walked off. When she was gone Devonte gave me a little shove.

“your dumb as fuck!!” he said while laughing.

“what did I do!!”

“what you said was all boring!!”

“shut up! I was nervous!”

“I know and I’m just playin wit you! Now can we get some food! I’m STARVING”

I laughed. “me too!!”

Chapter 1

“Aaliyah!!!” my mom screams down from the kitchen. “Come down here right now!” The fuck did I do this time.

“What mom!” I say as I jump down the steps.

“Open this envelope”

To the parents of Aaliyah Dorsey from Central Middle School, is what read on the front. Shit. The fuck does my school want! I open the envelope & pull out a piece of paper which just has a smiley face on it which someone drew with a purple marker. I look up at my mom confused.

“Umm… what is this?” I say to her. She is trying to hold it back but I can tell she is excited about something.

“Jus-Just pull out the other paper!!!”

I sigh, and put the smiley face paper on the counter and pull out the next piece of paper and realized it was 2 tickets….. on them it reads:

106 & Parks Closer To My Dreams Tour Featuring: Mindless Behavior, Diggy Simmons, Lil Twist, Trevante, Tyga & Jawan Harris. Sunday, July 10th 2011 House of Blues Anaheim, California. Seat F Row 1.

And a bunch of other stuff but I threw everything in my hands in the air and screamed. My mom got me VIP concert tickets to see Lil Twist & Tyga!!!! (Who I am also a HUGE fan of) & in front row!!! & an extra ticket to bring a friend!!!! dkljsfaioejsaf was all I could think and say. I gave my mom the biggest and longest hug ever!!!!!!

*The day of the concert*

I wake up at like 8:00am. I NEVER wake up early; I just must have been nervous and excited. I go take a shower and when I get out I hear my phone ringing… its Devonte. He’s who I decided to bring to the concert with me. He’s not a big fan of any of the performers… but he’s my best friend and I wanted to share the best day of my life with my best friend :D


“Hey, you excited?”


“I can tell!! Your awake and its only like 8!”

“I know. It’s crazy!!! Umm, I have to talk to my mom first but I want to leave around 10…”

“Are you serious?! It takes like 10 minutes to get there tho!!”

I laughed. “I know but I wanna get there HELLA early!!”

“I can tell…… so we’re just going to sit around outside for… what time is it at again?”


“9 HOURS?!!?!”

“Common Devonte please!! You know how important to me this is!!”

I could tell this was the last way he wanted to spend his Sunday.

“Whatever. Let me know what yo mama say doe”

“okay” and I hung up. I stepped into my walk in closet… and although I have TOO many clothes, it seemed as if there was absolutely nothing to wear. It had to be something cute, but not too cute. & something light. Since we would be standing outside in California, in the middle of summer for 9 hours…. And I bet it be hot as fuck in the house of blues… after probably 15 minutes of going through not even HALF my clothes, I just decided on something pretty simple..

I go into my bathroom and take out my makeup. I decide on a little bit of pink eye shadow, black eyeliner, and mascara. Once again, quite simple. I just went to the hair salon last night so my hair is perfect & straight! I look at the clock, 9:56. I walked downstairs “mom, ready to go?”

“….at 10 am ?!”


“okay…. Are you sure you want to stand outside that long!? It’s 99 degrees out there today”

“Of course!! One of the hottest days of the summer would be today!! But yes, I’m sure!”

“Alright… your crazy! But, is Devonte ready?”

“Let me text him..”

-hey, we will be there in like 5 minutes you ready?


“Yup he’s good!”

We walk outside and my mom drives off in our range rover. I suddenly get HELLA nervous!

We pull up to Devonte’s house and I walk inside. I love how I am so comfortable to where I don’t even knock on the door anymore!

“Devonte!!” I scream up towards the steps, assuming he was in his room.

I then walk into the kitchen and give his mom a hug.

“Hey Aaliyah!! You excited?!”

“I cant even explain my emotions right now!!”

She laughs and Devonte walks in.


“Yup!! Bye Mrs. Ciara!”

“Bye! Be good and fun tons of fun!!!”

“We will!” I say as we walk out the door.

“oh my god Devonte I am SO nervous”

He laughed and shook his head.

“Oh please, we have NINE FUCKING HOURS. Calm yourself”

….he was right. 9 hours is kind of a long time…